Instagram Story Downloader

How to download instagram stories?

Instagram Story Downloader - Copy the link

Copy the link

Find the story that you want to download. Copy the link by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.
Instagram Story Downloader - Paste into the form

Paste into the form

Open Instagram Story Downloader by StoriesIG. Paste the link into the form. Press the «Get started» button and wait a few seconds.
Instagram Story Downloader - Download


Click the «Download» button to save instagram stories to your device. Then you can click «Restart» and download any other story from Instagram.


🔸 What is Instagram Story Downloader?

IG Story Downloader is an online tool developed by StoriesIG for saving instagram stories to PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.

🔸 Why should I use Instagram Story Downloader?

Instagram does not provide an option to download stories from their platform. StoriesIG saves stories from Instagram in their original high quality. It's fast and free.

🔸 How to save someone elses instagram story?

With IG Story Downloader you can save stories from other users' profiles. Just paste the link into the form and press the «Get started» button.

🔸 Can I download private instagram stories?

No! In order to save instagram story, it must be publicly viewable.